You walk into a store and you notice that the organic section is expanding like wildflowers. It’s no surprise that the world of organic products is becoming increasingly popular and goes beyond fitness and health buffs – the general public has embraced organic products, and the benefits of these clean products, into their daily lives. So lets start eating clean and adding protein to your diet.

Organic Is Here To Stay

The mass public is demanding healthier products and are getting smarter with what they consume and purchase. The same can be said about their proteins and supplements. This isn’t a fad like everyone originally thought, organic is here to stay!

If you’re eating clean and adding protein to your diet you may be consuming some of your protein in powder or liquid form.

If you are looking to go clean even with your protein some consideration should be given to MuscleMaxx Protein Shake. After some research and reading the label itself you will be amazed by the incredible benefits of this product.

This protein is not full of fillers, there is no artificial or unnatural sweeteners and it’s low in sodium and extremely low in heavy metals (most other vegan proteins have been tested very high! See the Natural News report). One of the most important things is that MuscleMaxx Protein Shake is GMO free – there is no exposure to pesticides, which is critical to being truly organic. Remember that there is no legislation or regulation on what is classified GMO free or organic for that matter – so always read the labels and ingredients in everything you consume.

Shopping for GMO Free & Organic Products

When you read the label you may be surprised or confused with the actual list of ingredients. An important part of purchasing any product claiming it’s GMO free and organic is to truly understand what you’re getting. Here are some things to look for when buying organic protein.

Added Ingredients Like Corn & Soy

Around 90% of products grown in the USA and elsewhere have been genetically modified. Soy contains natural toxins known as “anti-nutrients”, what this does is cause your red blood cells to clump together and will also mess with your hormones if you’re a female. Corn is another additive ingredient to many proteins as filler and as a carbohydrate.

Look Beyond Protein

If you’re going to consume protein there should be more benefits than just increased protein in your diet. It should provide added nutrients that are being depleted during training or stresses of life. You want the biggest health benefit from anything you consume, and this is where MuscleMaxx Protein Shake really delivers. Just looking at the label proves that it provides real nutritional value with some serious green benefits.

Needless to say there are plenty of good, clean, protein powders on the market, but there are few that raise the bar as high with their ingredients and taste. MuscleMaxx Protein Shake packs a punch with its many benefits, and leads the pack with its truly organic ingredients.

This is a welcome addition to any clean eating diet or training program.